Being told you have a life threatening disease.  Being taken out of your home, having to practically live in a hospital.  Watching your family struggle financially as the bills pile up.  Seeing them worry because you’re sick.  Feelings of guilt start to creep in as you see the stress behind your loved ones’ smiles and words of comfort.  Physically you are so sick you can’t imagine what it feels like to be well.  You look different so your friends start to treat you like an outsider.  The friends you make at the hospital start disappearing one by one, and although no one talks about it, you know they’re not coming back.  You wonder to yourself, “when is it going to be my turn?”  As death becomes real to you, you think about all the things you’ve yet to experience in your life, all the unfulfilled dreams, all the people you love who you’d never see again…and it scares you.  Imagine all these feelings bottled up inside, having no one to talk to about them, and at the same time trying to fight for your life.  Imagine your life like this, and you’re only 11 years old.


This was my story.  31 years ago I was diagnosed with leukemia.  And during this time I promised that if I lived, I would make sure that no child had to feel alone this way.  I wasn’t really alone…I had 2 loving parents…but I couldn’t talk to them.  So instead I turned to this rubber ducky.  I told Ducky about my fears, my pain, my guilt…I would sleep with him, sing to him, cry with him…  My original mission back then was to give every child fighting cancer a rubber ducky, so they could have a friend they could talk to.  But then, I realized that something was missing.  Ducky couldn’t talk to me, comfort me, cry with me, laugh with me…I needed to do that with my parents, but I just didn’t know how to communicate that with them.  And they were so worried about my survival they didn’t even know what I was feeling. 

Today my mission has changed.  I started a non-profit organization called Prayers on Wings, and our purpose is to help build bridges of communication and inspire others through crisis, so that children don’t have to go through what I did.  Because the rubber ducky is very symbolic to me, it became our "mascot," and it symbolizes a promise to openly share and communicate anything we want to.  In working with families today, we hope that the tools and awareness we provide will help strengthen their relationship, and release the negative emotions so that they can be united and focused on what should be the true goal…the child’s survival.  Once the family gets through their crisis, we encourage them to become an inspiration for others.

Thank you all for visiting our website, and for your love and support.  I would love to meet each and every one of you and thank you in person.  Until then, take care and God bless… 



The Rubber Ducky Project

This is our original video.  Our programs have changed over time, but we keep this as a reminder of where we came from.


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