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Ducks Flock Together - NEW COMPILATION CD


We are excited to announce our very first fundraising CD, "Ducks Flock Together," named for the project that will take our rubber ducky workshops and inspirational workshops and impact the world!  We are so blessed to have some of Hawaii's best artists, some of whom are members of our very own POW Jam Band, lend their songs to our CD.

**CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!  CDs are $10 each or buy 2 for $20 and get a free car magnet!**

For pickup on O'ahu, choose the $0 shipping (choose "United States minor outlying islands" sorry there was no Hawaii option).  Otherwise shipping and handling is $5 if you would like it mailed to you.  Outside U.S. may cost more.

Click here to hear song samples:

Here are the songs, and notes in the artist's or producer's own words:

1. Prayers on Wings – Kevin Hirasa

Kevin originally wrote this song for a TV show, but it was rejected. He didn’t have a title for it, but as he listened to it, the title “Prayers on Wings” came to him. He remembered that Sharlene worked for a charity with the same name, so he wrote to her to share the song. She loved it and shared it with Devin, who then asked if he would license it for a compilation. That was on February 25. By April 4 all songs were in and the cd cover was done! We believe that the song was meant just for us!

2. The Day that I Found You – Devin Nakasone

Music has always been a very inspirational part of my life. It has always somehow helped me through my worst times of crisis and directed me to a better road. I am proud and honored to be able to share that on THIS CD.

3. Let’s Live for Today – Cory, Lokelani & Travis

This song was the very first song that Lester Gantan ever wrote. He originally wrote this song for a young singer that he performed with in the Don Ho show. The song was never released so it was a perfect fit for another teen artist that he produced: Lokelani Mitchell. Lester introduced Loke and Cory Oliveros when he made the group Cory Lokelani & Travis and now they are happily married with kids.

4. Peace to Maura Rose – Barry Flanagan

Barry Flanagan wrote about this song, “My sister Maura passed in 1993. She was my best friend and helped raise me. This is the instrumental piece that seemed to have the right kind of emotion I felt that she deserved to honor her in song. She was my biggest inspiration since she would always help anyone in need.

5. Kalena Koo – Kapena

Kelly De Lima wrote this song for his first daughter, Kalena. “The song Kalena Koo was written when Kalena was about 9 months old. She was barely walking, all wobbly, holding the edge of the couch, and trying to talk. Her teeth were just coming in and when she smiled it was like sunshine lit up the room. It was then I knew my life would never be the same."

6. Kiss U in the Morning – Kalaeloa

This song was written while the author was deeply in love with a woman. You can hear his adoration and tenderness in the song, and it went on to become one of the most requested songs on the radio.

7. Enchantment – Horace Dudoit of Ho‘okena

The chanting voice of Mark Ho‘omalu and how he can mesmerize you is what inspired this tune. Horace wrote this song when he started to work on Mark’s 2nd cd. The title came later as they parted, and he needed to find a title that reflected what he envisioned the tune to represent…thus “Enchantment.”

8. Going to Heaven – Richard Natto

This song was written for Richard’s friend, Stuart, who was in hospice for about a year. Richard says, “He knew that he was going to Heaven when he died…I’ll see him there.”

9. To Be Loved – Johnna Padeken

We asked Johnna if when she wrote this song, it had special meaning for her. She said, “I'd been looking for love for a long time, and no one treated me the way I had always imagined I would be. But I kept my heart open, loved unconditionally in all aspects of my life, and then I met my husband who loved me even more than I had thought I was worth. And then he met my family and he found love in all of us. :)

10. Lost for Words – John Valentine

We found these song notes while on YouTube and just so honored that John chose to let us use this particular song, because of the meaning that’s behind it. These are his words, “A song I wrote inspired by my kids successes. They're about to fly from the nest. I'm torn to see them leave but very happy that they've become so brilliant. This song is for you Jesse & Daniel. Words can't explain how much I love you two.”

11. Thankful Love – Jay.Keyz

We found this quote by Jay.Keyz and it is so perfectly said, “I just want my music to make people reminisce about something they've enjoyed or loved in their life. To take them back to a place where they've run to - to hide from any trial or tribulation they've gone through. They don't have to see the picture that I saw when I wrote the song, but if the song means something to them, if it means so much that they've painted their own picture with my music, then I've done my job. I'm just trying to bring back some innocent romance into the islands!”

12. Aloha – The Mana‘o Company

I asked Danny to tell me what inspired him to write “Aloha,” and he said, “I wrote this song in 2000 when I moved to the Big Island. The beauty of our islands and our people is what moved me to write this song. The word " Aloha " has more than one meaning. I wanted to write a song with a positive message about spreading the aloha spirit everywhere, and the difference it could make if we all lived "ALOHA". Although Hawaii is the most beautiful place to live, it is really the people that make Hawaii unique. We have the "Aloha Spirit " and the thought of spreading this love to everyone made me want to write this song, "Aloha." 

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