The 2nd part of our mission statement is to "inspire others through crisis."  Devin realized the importance of this mission in his own life, when we was presented with the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Americans award by the US Jaycees.  It was during the nomination process, and looking back on his own life, that he realized the best way to inspire others and help them go through their crisis is to share your own story.  He had been doing that since POW began, sharing his battle with childhood leukemia in our communication workshops.  He decided to go public with his story of overcoming his 10-year addiction to crystal methamphetamine at the 2013 TOYA award ceremony, during his acceptance speech (click here to see the speech), in hopes that it may help other teens struggling with addiction and also inspire those who overcame addiction but are wondering, "now what?"  He realized that we are all here to inspire each other, through our stories of struggle and victory.  


Shortly after returning from Seattle, we started our new program, "Circle of InsPOWration," geared toward at-risk youth and young adults.  In addition to the communication workshops for children, Devin now speaks to this group, and does inspirational workshops using a rubber ducky art project as a tool for self-discovery or to help the kids reach for their dreams.


Here are some excerpts of his talk with the kids from YouthBuild Hawaii:



If you have overcome a challenge and would like to share it with others who may learn from your experience, please submit your own Circle of InsPOWration story of hope here.  

In 2015, Prayers on Wings started producing a tv series for 'Olelo called "Ins-POW-ration!  Stories of Inspiration," that first aired in January.  The theme of the show is based on our "Circles of Ins-POW-ration" program, and features leaders in the community who will share their own stories of hope.  To watch episodes you missed and for more info, click here.