The vision for The Ducklings Giving Project was inspired by Stephany Kanno (pictured with The Ducky Team).  As you may know, we first met Stephany when she was a 6-year old, 2nd grader, who saved her recycling money to donate to POW. Stephany encourages other children to save their coins or their recycling money, and then donate to a charity. This will teach children the value of helping others, and they will be able to experience the intangible rewards of giving. Devin says "Two of the most genuine things that can inspire us are the purity and innocence of the giving heart of a child."  

POW is taking the idea from the Ducklings Giving Project to enable children to save their coins and sponsor a coloring book or 3D copy of "Lucky Ducky" for one of the children in our workshops.  We will give each child who wants to participate a rubber ducky bank to remind them to save their money, and when they have saved $5, they will be able to make their donation. For each $5 donation, the child will receive a Ducklings pin, tattoo, sticker, or something of equal value.

If you wish to sign up a child please email Sharlene at info "at"