Jaycees and Prayers on Wings

Prayers on Wings’ collaboration with the Hawaii Jaycees started in 2013.  Actually, we need to go back to 2012, when Eve Epitome, National Vice President of the United States Jaycees, who at the time was the President of the Hawaii Jaycees, called Devin to ask if he was interested in applying to be a nominee for the 2013 Three Outstanding Young Persons award.  Sharlene asked Devin, “So what do you think?” and Devin said, “what are the Jaycees?  Don’t they do the 50th State Fair?”  Despite our ignorance, we filled out the application and sent it in, thus starting our relationship with Eve and the Hawaii Jaycees.  Devin was honored as one of the TOYP in 2013 for the work he had done with Prayers on Wings.  During the award ceremony, he was just overwhelmed by the vision of the Jaycees, and by the positive energy in the room and from all the Jaycees he got to meet that night.  When he went up to give his acceptance speech, influenced by the Jaycees, he said, “the best way to inspire others is to survive some sort of crisis, and then share it.”  This led us to expand our mission to add “inspiring others through crisis.”  

Later that year, Devin was honored with the Ten Outstanding Young Persons award given by the United States Jaycees.    Travelling to Seattle was an eye-opening experience, especially meeting the other TOYA honorees and the Jaycees from around the country.  Devin returned home, more inspired than ever, wanting to do more for the Hawaii community and even expanding nationally.   In Seattle, he also became a member of the Rising Phoenix Jaycees.

In the past two years, Prayers on Wings has been privileged to partner with the Hawaii Jaycees on a few of their projects…Adopt a School Day, Relay for Life, and the Rubber Ducky Race.  The Jaycees have volunteered for Prayers on Wings’ events as well.  It is a partnership that is mutually beneficial, as the visions of our organizations are in alignment and complement each other well.  Devin has volunteered as a judge for both the TOYP and TOYA awards.  He has also performed at both the TOYP and TOYA award ceremonies, and for the the Hawaii Jaycees 70th anniversary celebration.  Devin also was the emcee for the 2014 Adopt a School Day Rally.

At the 2014 TOYA ceremony, Prayers on Wings reconnected with many of the Jaycees we met the year before, and a few of them agreed to become facilitators for our Rubber Ducky Workshops in their hometowns.  Because of their help, Prayers on Wings is now helping families in crisis on a national level.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with the Hawaii Jaycees as Prayers on Wings continues to grow.  For more information on the Hawaii Jaycees, please visit:  http://www.hawaiijuniorchamber.org/about-jaycees/