Our latest project is something very special to us. It is called the ?Lucky Ducky Workshops,? and the reason it is special is because the idea behind it is 100% created by Devin with the mission and vision of Prayers on Wings in mind.
When we first started in 2011, all Devin knew was that he wanted to help children with cancer. He had a calling to give back, knowing there was a greater reason that he survived his own battle with leukemia. His dream at that time was to give 1000 rubber ducks away to 1000 cancer patients. Before we could put that plan into place, something told him to look a little deeper. His own rubber duck, although it became his best friend, was unable to fill the emotional needs he had for a connection with his parents and friends. Since he collected all kinds of rubber ducks from the time he was a child, he happened to see a paint-your-own rubber duck kit on his shelf. From that, the concept for our Rubber Ducky Workshops was born.

During the next three years, Prayers on Wings has facilitated 30+ private and public Rubber Ducky Workshops, giving away over 1,800 rubber ducks. Feedback from participants and our partner organizations were very positive, and everyone loved the program?they found it therapeutic, fun, and gave them a chance to express themselves creativity while bonding with their loved ones. However, as Prayers on Wings reached its 3-year milestone, Devin also found that he had reached a milestone within himself. He started to feel that same spirit that told him to ?look deeper,? again start to poke at him. He knew it was time to change the format of our workshops.

The Rubber Ducky Workshops allowed Devin to speak to the families before they started painting, and he explained the lack of communication during his own crisis, and how it led to destructive behavior in his teen and early-adult years. While the parents understood, we weren?t quite reaching the children optimally. It was ironic that we were putting on a ?communication workshop,? yet there was a missing link in our own communication with the families. We decided that we needed to ?speak? to the children in their own language, and Devin chose to do that by writing his own story in a children?s book called ?Lucky Ducky.?

The benefit of using the book ?Lucky Ducky? as the material for our workshops benefits families in many ways. First, as we stated, the book is written in the child?s language, and using illustrations, so they will be able to understand the lesson the way Devin intended. Second, the book will ideally be read by the parent and child together, reinforcing the bridge of communication. Third, we will be printing coloring books for the children to take home, so the child will still be able to use their creativity during the workshop. And again, ?Lucky Ducky? was a labor of love, exclusively made for Prayers on Wings.

?Lucky Ducky? is a picture book, hard cover, approximately 20 pages, and was written for ages 5-8 years old, though it can be read to a child of any age.

Here are a few excerpts from the book:

Devin went to the hospital a lot.
He saw a lot of kids at the hospital who were very sick.
He was very scared.

Every night, he would lie in his bed.
?I feel sad
I feel bad.
I?m scared.?
Sometimes he would even cry.

One night, he saw a little rubber duck that his mother bought him.
He grabbed it and took it to bed with him.
?Ducky, I am very scared. I am very sick. I have no one to talk to.?
I want to talk to Mommy, but she is sad.
I want to talk to Daddy, but he is scared.
Ducky soon became Devin?s best friend.

The Rubber Ducky Workshops will always be the foundation that we started Prayers on Wings on, and we will keep it in our tool chest in the event a need for it develops in the future. And we look forward with great anticipation and excitement to unveil our Lucky Ducky Workshops, with the belief that this new program will allow us to better serve the organizations and families that we work with.

Right now our books are on backorder, but if you would like to order one, please email [email protected]