Prayers on Wings Jam Band

Music is at the heart of Prayers on Wings because it is Devin's passion.  Music is healing, it is universal, it can open hearts to greater communication, and, quite honestly, it's fun and entertaining.  POW is blessed to have a roster of musicians who have joined Devin to form the Prayers on Wings Jam Band.  The Jam Band not only plays for Prayers on Wings events, but for any cause in need of entertainment.  To submit a request for the POW Jam Band please fill out the form here.  If you are a musician and would like to join the POW Jam Band, please fill out the form here.

We are so blessed to have the following musicians offer to share their time and talent by adding their name to the Jam Band roster:

 Aaron Kimura - bass and vocals and drums  
 Adney Atabay - vocals, trumpet, percussion  
 Alvin Fejarang - drums and buckets  
 Annamarie Love - vocals  
 Arlene Iwalani - vocals  
 Ben Juan - drums
 Ben Vegas - guitar and vocals  
 Bert Higa - guitar and bass
 Blaine Omura - guitar
 Bob Hassett - bass  
 Bob Nagata - drums  
 Brad Choi - drums  
 Brian Nakashima - guitar and vocals  
 Bryan Aoyagi - guitar and vocals
 Bryce Lau - vocals and guitar
 Byron Yee - guitar  
 Chris Luna - guitar and bass 
 Chris Mercado - guitar and vocals
 Clayton Apilando - guitar
 Craig Murata - bass  
 Curtis Takahama - vocals  
 Daniel Baduria - bass  
 Danny Kennedy - bass and vocals
 Darren Ujimori - drums
 Daphne - vocals  
 Dave Ogata - drums  
 Dave Toma - vocals and guitar  
 Dave Watanabe - guitar  
 Dayton Arima - bass  
 Dean Nishizaki - drums  
 Dennis Apeles - drums  
 Derek Higashi - bass  
 Derrick Lee - guitar and vocals  
 Dwayne Higa - keys  
 Eddie Lactaoen - vocals  
 Eddie Maligmat - bass, vocals, drums, etc. 
 Eric Ho - bass and vocals
 Eric Kutzen - bass  
 Faith Geronimo - vocals and guitar  
 Frances Quinlan - vocals  
 Frank Sua - keys and vocals
 Fred Higa - bass
 Freddy Von Paraz - drums 
 Garin Poliahu - drums
 Garrett Yamanaka - trombone and vocals
 Gene Cacho - guitar
 Geoff Kahapea - guitar and vocals  
 Gil Farias - bass  
 Glenn Miyashiro - trumpet  
 Gun-so Kawai - bass  
 Guy Limasa - drums and vocals  
 Harry Ladera - bass  
 Hemi Jasmin - keys  
 James Ganeko - drums and guitar  
 Jason Laeha - vocals and guitar  
 Jason Lazzerini - sax  
 Jason Nagashima - keys and vocals  
 Jason Nobriga - guitar  
 Jeannette Trevias - keys and vocals 
 Jeff Gerona - percussion
 Jeremy Cheng - vocals and guitar 
 Jesse Valor - vocals and guitar
 Joe Perez - vocals
 John Loo - keys  
 John Min - sax and wind synth  
 John Valentine - guitar and vocals
 Jonathan Hermosura - keyboards 
 Jules Kam - vocals  
 Kalei Rivers - vocals and bass  
 Kawai Kaapana - vocals and guitar  
 Kelly Cortez - vocals  
 Ken Field - drums and bass  
 Konrad Kendrick - drums  
 Kristie Ching - vocals  
 Lester Gantan - keys  
 Lori Nasu - vocals  
 Maila Gibson - vocals
 The Makaha Sons
 Maria Lauer - vocals  
 Mark Caldeira - vocals and drums  
 Mark Silva - trumpet  
 Mel Fausto Wong - vocals  
 Mike Nacapuy - bass  
 Miles Lee - vocals
 Mitch Fukumoto - keys  
 Myron Pang - vocals and guitar  
 Nate Ng - bass  
 NJ Gottschalk - vocals  
 Owen Kajiwara - guitar  
 Patrick Koh - vocals  
 Paul Esco - bass  
 Paul Stanley - sax  
 Pepe Caneso - various
 Peter Factora - drums  
 Rachel Gonzales - vocals
 Randy Hoo - horns  
 Richard Natto - everything  
 Ricky Ricardo - sax  
 Riya Davis - vocals  
 Robert Shinoda - guitar
 Robin Canencia - guitar
 Robin Kimura - bass  
 Rodney Kaneshiro - vocals  
 Rory Loughran - percussion  
 Ross Murakami - drums  
 Roy Hamada - keys  
 Russ Shiroma - vocals and guitar  
 Ryan Trujillo - ukulele  
 Sandy Tsujimura - vocals  
 Scott Kawasaki - vocals  
 Scott Shafer - drums  
 Shane Kaneshiro - sax  
 Shelly Kahalelehua - vocals  
 Sonny Aquino - guitar, keys, vocals  
 Stacie Caires - vocals
 Steve Hayes - drums
 Steve Matsumoto - trumpet  
 Steve Ruiz - drums  
 Sunway - vocals
 Taz Vegas - bass, guitar, vocals  
 Teri Luna - tambourine  
 Tony Trevias - keyboards
 Traci Toguchi - vocals  
 Tracy Kai - guitar and vocals  
 Vernon Lau - keys  
 Wendell Ching - drums
 Yoza - guitar and vocals
 Yvette Moore - vocals